Posted by ThaJackaL On December - 8 - 2013

Tonight I revealed my new co host on Skywatchers Radio coming up this Tuesday at 11pm est on PSN RADIO, and on Dark Matter Radio Network. The man who is joining me goes by the name of “Alan Wyler.” He’s someone I’ve known for about a good 10 years now, and he’s someone who’s very connected in the world of ufology, sci fi, and paranormal. He’s had his own sighting as a kid, and since has loved the topic. He will bring a very logical sense to the subject, and his views will surprise some, and shock others.

William Michael Mott

William Michael Mott

The 2nd hour I had one of the hosts of Unraveling the Secrets William Michael Mott who joined to announce that he along with his co host Tim Swartz are making a major move on to a new show starting in January. The OuterEdge Radio will debut on PSN RADIO, and who knows maybe Keith Rowland might want them over on Dark Matter Radio Network also.

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