Posted by ThaJackaL On December - 4 - 2009
Ron Slusher

Ron Slusher

Age 62 birth place unknown FBI couldn’t find birth place, at age 20. I applied for Top Secret Clearance while in the US Navy. FBI does back ground research for the Navy. Should been kicked out Of Navy and deported to country of origin, Where Mars? 1965-1969 Barbers Point Naval Air station Hawaii Just before an older brother of mined died. He asked me, if they told me, who I was yet? birth date given 6/4/47=21 1947=21 Summer of Roswell, Phoenix, Hopi, UFO crashes industrial electrician and electrical estimator currently, remodeling a 6,000sq. ft. home, with a Arizona State University computer math science professor Have had numerous UFO sightings. Always with another witness with me. All starting after age 47. (Theirs that magic number, Google it. You’ll be amazed.) ‘C’ or crescent show up on right shoulder at age 47. Tied of hearing about these terrible abduction stories, from plants. Mine are nothing like that. My connection to the Hopi. Found Stone (sent you picture of), then looked to see if the Hopi might know it’s meaning. (that’s another story) Took photo of stone up to the Hopi reservation, in northern Az. Went from village to village, asking the Hopi if the stone had any meaning to them. All said no, until I went to Old Oribia. (Jerusalem to the Native Americans) They welcomed me with open arms. I have long blond hair and I arrived from the east. Hopi legend says.

The Hopi are looking for the arrival of their long lost White brother. “He will come from the east. He will have long blond hair. He will be bearing a sign of the Sun.” I fit all three criteria.

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