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Interviewed on Japhy’s “Pirate Radio Podcast” on YouTube! (Episode #117)

Interviewed on Japhy’s “Pirate Radio Podcast” on YouTube! (Episode #34)

I Got interviewed on “Paranormal Into The Night Radio!”

W/ The Real Young Kano

W/ Young Paperboyz “Naija Boss”

W/ Sean DeBose

W/ Stevie Mack

W/ Ramon Goose

W/ Mark Anthony

W/ Will “Souljah Boy” Lyons

W/ Trix Donovan, Jake Chambers, Stephanie Casebier

W/ Rawboss

W/ I.R. Harris

W/ William J Hall

W/ Justin Lanning

W/ Young Kano [Part 2]

W/ Terry Wickham

W/ The Real Young Kano [Part 1]

W/ Tim Branom & Friends!

W/ Mark Anthony

W/ Deanna Jaxine Stinson

W/ Jack Thomas Smith

W/ Lawren Leo

W/ Gamma G

W/ Don Smith

W/ Marie D. Jones & Larry Flaxman

Jackal welcomes California Guy!

W/ Steve Younis

W/ UFO Phil

W/ Joseph F. Marra

W/ [1st hr] Alan Wyler / [2nd hr] W. Mike Mott

W/ Stephen Bassett

W/ Steve Pierce

W/ The Compassionate Wolf Oscar Benjamin

W/ Mack Maloney & James Carman

W/ James Swagger

W/ Dennis Rano

W/ Terry Wickham

W/ Stephen Bassett

W/ Robert Morningstar

The Zimmerman Verdict

W/ Mack Maloney

Tribute to Tupac!

W/ Don Smith

W/ Dennis Crenshaw


Burtonites vs Nolanites

W/ William von Holst

W/ Thomas P. Fusco

W/ Stephen Bassett

[End of the year] “SPECIAL!” W/ UFO Phil

We survived the End of Days Celebration! [Part 2]

We survived the End of Days Celebration! [Part 1]

W/ Robert V. Taylor

W/ Massy Mastino

Let’s talk Election results! Then we’re on live W/ Roy Stemman

Tonight I’m the guest! WTF? Well listen!

Special Round Table Episode

W/ Karen Moriarty, author of “Defending A King.”

Bye Bye Scorpio…. & Brch…

The Dark Knight Trilogy Exlusive! Review episode!

W/ Lisa Barretta

W/ Dennis Crenshaw

W/ Richard Dolan

W/ Dan Martin

W/ Stan & Lisa Romanek

“Tupac Birthday Special”

W/ Stephen Bassett

W/ Jim Okon

W/ Thomas P. Fusco

W/ Dr. Joseph Marra

W/ Mack Maloney

[RIP Adam “MCA” Yauch] W/ Mack Maloney

W/ Scott Alan Roberts

W/ Doug Jones

W/ Robin Stein

W/ Kirby Surprise

W/ Marie Alix Ravel & W/ Robert Morningstar

W/ William Brower

W/ Stephen Bassett

W/ Les & Zee Michaels

W/ Sophie Rose

W/ Bernardo Kastrup

W/ Stephen Bassett

W/ Roar Sheppard

W/ Mark McKenna & Paul Von Ward

W/ Steve Younis

W/ Philip Coppens

W/ Lenon Sherman Honor

W/ Stephen Bassett

Halloween Special! W/ Jim Harold, Frank E Wales, Don Smith

W/ Thomas Reed

W/ Rich Giordano

W/ Ben Shapiro & Mark Jungwirth


“A Tribute to 911”

W/ Joseph Marra

W/ Lamont Wood

W/ Nick Redfern

W/ Kathleen Marden

W/ Carlo Mendez

W/ Don E. Smith Jr

W/ Jim Moroney


W/ Robert Morningstar

W/ Dr. Synthia Andrews

W/ Micah Hanks

W/ Lazaro Suarez

W/ Elizabeth Michelle Billeaudeaux

Remembering Tupac Shakur

OPEN LINES [Superman Talk]

W/ Steven L. Manly

W/ Christian Hall

“Mothers Day Special”

“America F**K YEAH!”

W/ Geoff Crocker

W/ Maureen Seaberg

W/ Joseph M. Monks

W/ Aaron Price

W/ Franklin E. Wales

W/ Pete Hernandez III

W/ Ily Goyanes

W/ Luis Amado & Don Smith

W/ Jorge Rodriguez

W/ Steve Bassett

W/ Gerald Cooper

W/ Michael Clarkson

At The SoFLo Studio

W/ Luis and Joe

Neil Rogers Memorial

Best of 2010 – UFOLOGY

Happy NEW YEAR!!! [01/01/11]

Round Table W/ Luis, Dennis, Rick, and Jamie

Tribute to radio legend Neil Rogers who passed away… 2nd Hour W/ Robert Hellyer

W/ Mark McKenna

W/ Dennis Rano

W/ Brother Detox

W/ Juga Hill

W/ Kim Carlsberg

W/ Clois Orand II

W/ Jeff Woolwine

W/ Jose Escamilla

W/ David Sereda

Remembering John Lennon

W/ Stephen Bassett

W/ J Will

W/ Stan Romanek

W/ Peetie Green


W/ Will Allen

W/ Death Crowned King


W/ Gerald Cooper

W/ Outtasite & Rush Project!

W/ Steve Younis

W/ Chris Corry

W/ Jerry Pippin

W/ Darren Davis

W/ Stanton Friedman

W/ Don & Robert

W/ Jason Martell

W/ Crystal Storm

W/ Jeff Woolwine

W/ Randall Keller

W/ Lenon Honor

W/ Travis Walton

W/ Terrell Copeland

W/ Jersey June

W/ Thin C

W/ Kevin D. Randle

W/ Brother Detox

W/ Jim Tierney

W/ Rush Project

W/ Dennis Whitney

W/ Cynile

W/ Sherry Whitfield

Steve Younis

W/ Steve Younis []

Oregon Sasquatch Symposium

W/ Steven Jacobson “Mind Control In America”

W/ Nick Pope

W/ Travis Walton – FIRE IN THE SKY

“UFO’S & E.T’s” Are they real? Or a figment of our imagination?

W/ Ron Slusher

W/ Dennis Crenshaw

W/ Lloyd Pye

Friday Night Sat Morning

Thanksgiving Celebration 2009!

W/ Frank Madrid – “T.A.Z.P.S”

W/ Jamie Havican [Co-Host] “Friday the 13th Special”

W/ Jesse Randolph of Ufonaut Radio

W/ Jason Jackson

W/ Brian “Divini” McComas

W/ Cloise Orand II

W/ Jim Ames

W/ Brian “Divini” McComas

W/ Seth Weiler and Pastor Charles Curtiss

W/ John Selman & Jamie Havican

In tribute to 911

President Obama

Obama talks to talk to the kids

Michael Jackson Birthday Tribute Show

Birthday tribute show to Michael Jackson

W/ Jesse Randolph & Alejandro T. Rojas

RIP - Michael Jacksson - June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson Tribute show

W/ Mr Johansson

Happy 420

Happy 420!

Al calls into the show

W/ Tommy Gunz

W/ Jesse Randolph

Music and News Night

Zeitgeist Talk

[1st Show] – The World Premier

Join us as we welcome back none other than author Mark Anthony the “Psychic Lawyer to talk about his new book “Evidence of Eternity!” Mark Anthony the “Psychic Lawyer ™ (also known as the Psychic Attorney™),” is a world renowned psychic medium who specializes in communication with spirits. He is  [ Read More ]

As one of the original members of the record label Mo Thugs Will “Souljah Boy” Lyons was always determined to make noise in the rap game, and has been putting in work for almost two decades! Tonight we get to hear from him exactly what he’s been doing since he  [ Read More ]

Join us as I welcome the cast of the film “GET WELL” Jake Chambers [Justin Lake], Stephanie Casebier [Skyler Winslow], Trix Donovan [The Director]

Tonight I go over some of the latest headlines in hip hop, and movies. Talked about the current Suge Knight murder trial, and how I think he should not spend another day in prison. That’s right I said it. Listen to the first half hour of the show, and listen  [ Read More ]

Join us as I welcome indi author I.R. Harris the author of these three series of books. “The Bound Trilogy” “The Legion Series” & “The Dark Hunger Chronicles” As always we will have open lines for all who would like to chat to our guest. Other Accounts: @irharrisbooks(Twitter) Website:  [ Read More ]

Join me as I welcome Bill Hall the author of the book titled ‘The World’s Most Haunted House: The True Story of the Bridgeport Poltergeist on Lindley Street.” Tonight we get down right creepy, and scary! Website: About William J. Hall: William J. Hall was born and raised  [ Read More ]

Justin Lanning is a Los Angeles based singer/songwriter. He began singing at age nine. In 2008, his single Take My Breath Away was listed on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart. It entered the chart at #45 on 28 June 2008[3] spending two weeks at its highest position of  [ Read More ]

Join me as I welcome Tha Real Young Kano back to the show! Tonight we debut his new MIXTAPE! “The Purple Haze Effect 2” including a song we did together. “Put ya Drinks Up!” And join us… Young Kano’s Links!

Join me as I welcome back to the show good friend Terry Reid Wickham who was with us just last year to talk about his company Manta Ray Pictures, a company that represents all his work, and which he’s President of.Check out the Indiegogo site for the new project Terry  [ Read More ]

Join me as I debunk a rumor going around about me, and also for some news, and music as I welcome Tha Real Young Kano on the show to showcase some of his music, and talk about his experience as a young up, and coming rapper in the hip hop  [ Read More ]

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