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Posted by ThaJackaL On October - 27 - 2013

Biography [] was first introduced to topical science writing for a historical mysteries magazine in Ireland. Sadly it doesn’t run anymore but it did wet his appetite for researching ancient knowledge and lost science in a professional sense. Initially it was for a favour due to his science and engineering  [ Read More ]

Posted by ThaJackaL On July - 14 - 2013

So after a year, and many weeks of court the verdict of Not guilty was given by a clearly lunatic bunch of Jurors. The man GUILTY of killing Trayvon Martin has been set free.The entire justice system is broken folks. We now can kill children, and get away with it  [ Read More ]

Posted by ThaJackaL On February - 24 - 2013

Tonight we interview William von Holst editor of Imre Vallyon’s The Warrior CodeThis book is a guide for practical living in the world, where the Spiritual Warrior must live. The reader may meditate on a different Aphorism each day or the same one for as long as desired. The book  [ Read More ]

Posted by ThaJackaL On February - 17 - 2012

“Titanic The Legacy Remains” . Today Mr. Brower is the author of the upcoming book “Touched By The Titanic” and also joined a group of fellow Titanic Historians as consultants for the film “Titanic The Last Signals” directed by Tom Lynskey. Behind the collection seen here is a simple belief  [ Read More ]

Posted by ThaJackaL On November - 13 - 2011

Join us as we welcome Lenon Sherman Honor back into “ThA Jackals Head” Sunday Nov 13th at 10pm est only on & Lenon Honor is a husband, father, musician, video producer, lecturer, personal consultant, talk show host, and writer. As a child he began his studies in music  [ Read More ]

Posted by ThaJackaL On May - 8 - 2011

Join me as I celebrate mothers day!

Posted by ThaJackaL On January - 8 - 2011

In what is the saddest way I could picture meeting anyone! I spent the day at Neil Rogers Memorial, and got to meet Luis Amado, Jorge Rodriguez, and Boca Brian of SoFLo Radio. The memorial was a very well put together events, and props go out to Jorge Rodriguez who  [ Read More ]

Posted by ThaJackaL On January - 1 - 2011

The first show of the new year! Happy to have all my listeners who enjoy this broadcast live every week, and I hope that 2011 is another amazing year! 2010 sure was a lot of fun but it like all years flew right by us. Now the new year is  [ Read More ]

Posted by ThaJackaL On December - 26 - 2010

Radio legend Neil Rogers dies by: Tom Jicha December 24th, 2010 | 12:36 PM Neil Rogers, the best known radio personality in South Florida for more than three decades, died at 9:45 a.m. Friday. Born Nelson Roger Behelfer in Rochester, N.Y., he was 68. Rogers, who had been living in  [ Read More ]

Posted by ThaJackaL On December - 4 - 2009

Age 62 birth place unknown FBI couldn’t find birth place, at age 20. I applied for Top Secret Clearance while in the US Navy. FBI does back ground research for the Navy. Should been kicked out Of Navy and deported to country of origin, Where Mars? 1965-1969 Barbers Point Naval  [ Read More ]

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